What to Do After Writing a New Blog Post?

If you want a successful blog there are many things you should be doing after writing a new post and below I will explain a few of the most important things you should do after every blog post you write. Continue reading

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How to Hire Someone to Do Your WordPress Design

While there are a lot of free templates as well as premium or paid ones, still nothing beats a website design for WordPress that is specifically made for your requirements. Continue reading

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How to Submit Articles Automatically With The Help of PHP Scripts

Article submissions have a significant impact on your SEO efforts for a website. Use a php script to send article submissions efficiently and automatically. Continue reading

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Are You Blogging With Your Neighbours?

The word out there is that the world wide web is making the world smaller, giving the voice back to the people, and making us all more tolerant, more understanding, more global. But is this really happening? Continue reading

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Ratings for Web Hosts

Last week we mentioned some of the factors new bloggers need to consider when choosing a hosting provider. In this article, we’d like to point you in the direction of another host ratings site, Web Hosting Rating. Continue reading

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Recommendation Engine for Content Sites

One of the major goals for content-driven websites, and blogs especially, is to increase page views consumed per visitor. So how can we as web publishers improve on this important metric? Continue reading

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Choosing a Web Hosting Service, and More

Every blogger, at some point in time, will have to ask themselves: “What web hosting provider will best serve my needs?” The vast array of vendors, product choices and pricing levels can be daunting for even the most experienced blogger. Continue reading

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Tomorrow’s Star Bloggers Talk About Blogging

When a blogger becomes famous, everyone wants to get in touch with her, asking for interviews, sharing their post ideas, or just looking for a quick chat. But at that point, reaching out to her might already be too late. Continue reading

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NorthxEast and Freelancer Magazine to Merge

I am pleased to announce that NorthxEast.com and FreelancerMagazine.com will soon be merging and operating as one site. Our combination unites two complementary resources, with NxE aimed at helping bloggers, and FM providing additional resources on marketing, productivity, self-management, and more. Continue reading

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Find out How to Create Your Own Website with a Catchy Look

When it all comes down to the looks, design does matter if you’re ambitious enough to strive for success. Continue reading

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