97 Remarkable Ways to Diversify Your Network in a Down Economy

Are you looking to expand your network? Or, perhaps create some new connections to make yourself even more recession proof…?

If I hear the words “down” and “economy” in the same sentence one more time I might just hurl my laptop out the window!! And, to be honest, this post could actually be titled, “97 Ways to Diversify Your Network in ANY Economy.”

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the value of using your indirect network and how you can capitalize on its potential to expand your business, or grow your ideas, by engaging the followers of your followers (who can be just as valuable).

Case in point, I came to know Sean Bohan of Core Performance via a Twitter message sent out by Chris Brogan and to date, Sean has been one of the most ardent supports of Train for Humanity.

Whether you are looking to start a small business, travel the globe, gain some traction with social media, or even maintain your current existence…creating a network of like-minded individuals can help to keep you focused, informed, and on task. As a small business owner myself, and someone who is attempting to launch a humanitarian initiative, I think it is paramount that we all assist each other in these times of uncertainty.

What I thought I would do today is list out 97 people that I follow on Twitter and whose blogs I happen to read. To help you to identify whom you might be interested in following or reading I have included everyone’s Twitter profile, blog link, and brief bio.

Under the various topic headings I have not listed people in any particular order…just how they happened to fall while I was researching this post.

Please NOTE – this is NOT a popularity contest! These are people that I happen to follow. I am not stating that they are the most popular, but to me they add value to what I am trying to accomplish.

This is how we help each other…we meet, we connect, and we exchange ideas! Some folks below you will recognize and others you won’t. Truthfully, I don’t want to see ANYBODY fail, sink, or go down with the ship!! (Myself included.) So, let’s expand our networks, join forces, be proactive, and kick some ass.

Happy connection making!

PR/Marketing/Social Media/Business – I started off not knowing a thing about social media marketing and because I am still learning the people below are who I read when I need some insight. I am quite certain you will find tremendous value in their blogs and Twitter messages.

Sean Bohan – @SeanBohan, http://www.seanbohan.com/ – when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro – Hunter S. Thompson.

Ross Hill – @RossHill, http://www.rosshill.com.au/ – Entrepreneur, Yabble, Rentoid, The Hive, etc.

Sarah Evans – @PRsarahevans, http://www.linkedin.com/in/prsarahevans – PR professional and social media freak.

Corvida – @Corvida, http://shegeeks.net/ – ReadWriteWeb writer, social media co-ordinator, SheGeeks author.

Colleen Wainwright – @communicatrix, http://communicatrix.com/ – Translating truth into various media since 1961.

Tracey Hope Ross – @thopeross, http://www.momcentralconsulting.com/ – VP of Research at Mom Central Consulting. Possible cynic. Proud owner of a calculator as big as my head.

Chad Richards – @chadrichards, http://blog.firebellydigital.com/ – Social media specialist at Firebelly in Indianapolis.

Laura Fitton – @Pistachio, http://pistachioconsulting.com/press/who-is-pistachio/ – Much excitement and geekiness about where this all leads.

Marc Pitman – @marcapitman, http://fundraisingcoach.com/ – Fundraising coach, author “Ask Without Fear!”

Marketing PRofs – @MarketingProfs, http://www.marketingprofs.com/ – Smart thinking, pass it on.

Shama Hyder – @ShamaHyder, http://www.afterthelaunch.com/ – Online marketing expert.

Kathryn Nudelman – @Kathryn_N, http://www.newlevelgroup.com/ – Marketing, interactive design and user experience, strategy, paradigmn shift.

Steve Garfield – @SteveGarfield, http://stevegarfield.com/ – Founder of Boston Media Makers.

Becky McCray – @BeckyMcCray, http://www.smallbizsurvival.com/ – Small town entrepreneur

Shana Albert – @TheNanny612, – Web designer, webmaster and a blogger. My recent passion is social media and Web 2.0.

Ryan Stephens – @RyanStephens, http://www.ryanstephensmarketing.com/blog/ – Entrepreneur, social media, Gen Y, relationship marketing, SEO.

KMunse – @kmunse, http://www.socialmediamom.com/ – I am a social media consultant and mom to 4 kids.

Brian Wallace – @nowsourcing, http://www.nowsourcing.com/blog – Blogging and social media’ing around.

Lid – @madlid, http://blog-well.com/ – An Aussie in Palo Alto.

Tibi – @tibipuiu, http://www.lostartofblogging.com/ – Blogger, social media connoisseur and freelancer.

Valeria Maltoni – @ConversationAge, http://www.conversationagent.com/ – I have been called a communicator, a marketer, and a Renaissance person.

Reem Abeidoh – @rabeidoh, http://www.reemabeidoh.com/ – Web 2.0 Strategist, blogger, podcaster and social networker.

Deb Robison – @DebInDenver, http://icantkeepup.blogspot.com/ – Creating community through social networks.

Ange Recchia – @angesbiz, http://angesbiz.com/ – Addicted to my laptop, I trekked the Kokoda Track in June 2008! Internet Marketing fits in there somewhere.

Kristie Wells – @KristieWells, http://www.kristiewells.com/ – Founder of Social Media Club. Community evangelist, connector, communicator.

Nan Palmero – @NanPalmero, http://salesby5.com/ – Chief Inspiration Officer at Sales by 5.

Marta Kagan – @mzkagan, http://bonafidemarketinggenius.com/ – Social media evangelist/online marketing pro.

BIG DOGS – You are most likely already reading the blogs of these incredibly intelligent individuals. If for some reason you aren’t then I suggest you start here before going any further down the list.

Jeff Pulver – @JeffPulverhttp://pulverblog.pulver.com/ – Technology Anthropologist; Entrepreneur; Early-Stage Seed Investor; speaker, Living in Social Media

Robert Scoble – @Scobleizer, http://www.fastcompany.com/scoble – Tech geek blogger @ http://scobleizer.com .

Jim Long – @newmediajim, http://www.vergenewmedia.com/ – New media soul trapped in an old media body.

Chris Brogan  – @chrisbrogan, http://chrisbrogan.com/ – Social media type, but love the emerging enterprise tech space, too.

Guy Kawasaki – @guykawasaki, http://blog.guykawasaki.com/ – Online magazine editor.

Steve Rubel – @steverubel, http://www.micropersuasion.com/ – Micropersuasion

Liz Strauss – @lizstrauss, http://www.successful-blog.com/ – Social Web Strategist – I show businesses & universities how to choose and use social media tools to make business growth faster.

Gary Vaynerchuk – @garyvee, http://garyvaynerchuk.com/ – Winelibrary.com and I care about this: The health and happiness of my Family and Friends. Keep it simple!

Darren Rowse – @ProBloggerhttp://www.problogger.net/ – Blog tips to help you make money.

Jeremiah – @jowyang, http://web-strategist.com/blog – Currently employed as Senior Analyst, Social Computing, Forrester Research.

Shel Israel – @shelisrael, http://globalneighbourhoods.net/ – Writer. speaker. nice guy.

Brian Solis – @briansolis, http://www.briansolis.com/ – Principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning PR and New Media agency in Silicon Valley.

Pete Cashmore, @mashable, http://www.mashable.com/ – Mashable is the world’s most popular blog focused on online social networking.

Kevin Rose – @KevinRose, http://kevinrose.com/ – Founder of Digg, Revision3, Pownce. Rock climber, tea drinker, podcaster.

Maki – @doshdosh, http://www.doshdosh.com/ – Concerned citizen of the world.

Tony – @zappos, http://www.zappos.com/ – CEO of Zappos.

Lifestyle/Travel/Cubicle Escape Artists – mostly folks who are pursuing a life outside of the traditional norm of a nine to five job.

Jarkko Laine – @jalaine, http://insanelyinterested.com/ – A dad. a blogger… a guy insanely interested in everything.

Glenn – @PluginID, http://www.pluginid.com/ – Plug into your Identity

Jonathan Fields – @jonathanfields, http://www.jonathanfields.com/ – Father, husband, career renegade, lifestyle-entrepreneur, marketing/copywriting maven, blogger, social-media explorer.

Pam Slim – @pamslim, http://www.escapefromcubiclenation.com/ – I love entrepreneurship

Mark McGuinness – @MarkMcGuinness, http://lateralaction.com/ – Poet, creative coach, co-founder of Lateral Action.

Terence Chang – @TerenceChang, http://www.terencechang.com/ – internet entrepreneur.

Al – @Seven_P, http://7pproductions.com/blog/ – Blogger at 7P Productions

Soultravelers3 – @soultravelers3, http://www.soultravelers3.com/ – Family on 3rd year of open ended world tour.

Julie Gallaher – @juliemarg, http://thingsyoushoulddo.com/ – Fun things to do – cool places to go.

Brian – @coqui2008, http://www.visit-the-coqui.com/ – Travel blogger – spreading the word about the beautiful island of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Kelly Rigby – shepowerhttp://www.she-power.com/ – I’m a freelance writer, aspiring novelist, mother, wife, and an all round cool chick on the wrong side of 35.

Catherine Lawson – @CathLawson, http://www.cathlawson.com/blog – Join me on a journey to success in business and life.

Pearl – @tyropearl, http://fresh-perspectives.net/ – Fresh perspectives.

Jenny Mannion – http://jennymannion.com/healpain/ – It took only a couple of weeks to turn my health and life around (almost 2 years ago).

Chris Guillebeau – @chrisguillebeau, http://chrisguillebeau.com/3×5 – Challenging Authority Since 1978.

Non-Profit/Social Responsibility – organizations and people who are attempting to use social media and blogging to make the world a better place.

Train for Humanity – @train4humanity, http://trainforhumanity.org  – getting fit + social media + blogging = social good

Katrinah – @Katrinah, http://www.katrinah.com/ – I care about education: it’s the way to empower people. I love technology, social media, video, clean tech & twitter.

Amy Sample Ward – @amyrsward, http://amysampleward.org/ – Connecting non-profits to social media tools for listening, conversations, and more effective social change.

Erik Hersman – @whiteafrican, http://www.whiteafrican.com/ – Where Africa and technology collide… and other stuff.

Beth Kanter – @kanter, http://beth.typepad.com/ – Social Media for non-profits for social change.

Sara – @thewordisberry, http://www.ecosalon.com/about – I am the editor and manager of EcoSalon. The site is new, so please check us out and feel free to share feedback. I greatly appreciate your excessive support.

Jonathon D. Colman – @jcolman, http://www.nature.org/ – Associate Director, Digital Marketing, The Nature Conservancy: social media, web 2.0.

Shea Gunther – @SheaGunther, http://meatspacetees.com/blog/ – I’m an eco-entrepreneur running Meatspace Tees. I’m a pro green blogger and live in Maine.

Health/Food  – looking to get into shape? These folks can help. Visit SweetsFoods after you workout.

Mark Salinas – @mark_salinas, http://marksalinas.com/ – I am just a guy on a journey, hoping to inspire others. I am passionate about health, fitness and family.

Talli van Sunder – @TallivanSunder, http://www.beinghealthy.tv/ – Doctor of Physical Therapy, exercise & health nut, podcaster, new mom, avid reader.

Stephen Cooper – @StephenCooper, http://stephencoopertraining.com/ – L.A. personal trainer

Core Performance – @coreperformance, http://www.coreperformance.com/ – Core Performance is the premier website to improve your game and your life.

Steven Dean – @sgdean, http://www.g51studio.com/ – Designer, health 2.0 entrepreneur, educator, endurance racer.

SweetFoods – @sweetsfoods, http://www.sweetsfoods.com/ – Engineering & Business…but not all is work 😉 I’m a foodie and I enjoy sweets.

Friendly Folks

Liz – @nwjerseyliz, http://spiral-scratch.blogspot.com/ – A Californian-in-exile on the East Coast. Where is the fog, damn it?

Dana Twichell – @DanaTwichellhttp://thoughts4food.typepad.com/ – Visionary ideator learning the intricacies of social media.

Lucilla Feliciano – @LucyFel, http://www.cimapr.com/ – Linking people with careers.

Kris – @FreshFocushttp://freshfocus.info/blog – Professional organizer & productivity expert.

Judy Vorfeld – @Judy_Vorfeld, http://www.ossweb.com/ – Love Internet, reading, photography, people, pets, & suspense movies.

CoachBriany – @coachbriany, http://www.expertintherough.com/ – Live big, live small, people will still bitch, Live Big.

Kim Woodbridge –  @kwbridge, http://www.kimwoodbridge.com/ – (Anti) Social development, WordPress, RSS, Aston Villa Fan, Real Madrid.

Brian Swanson – @bgswanson, http://blogs.purpleant.us/bswanson – President Purple Ant Software, .NET win/web developer, DNN-guru wannabe…

TJ Sondermann – @sondernagle, http://tsondermann.mp/ – Parenting, urban sustainability, non-profits and social technology.

Rebecca Leaman – @rjleaman, http://domestikgoddess.com/about/ – Writer, editor, and beekeeper.

Jaculynn Peterson – @diablogue_chat, http://diablogue.wordpress.com/ – Always stretching to wrap my arms around the social sphere.

Ron Hudson – @Ron_Hudson, http://immediateinfluenceblog.com/ – Strategic Influence Trainer and coach.

Lola – http://twitter.com/Lola86     http://www.africannect.com/ – a blogger, a geek, an Africanist, a techie, creative, interested, & passionate.

Stephen Smith – @hdbb_stephen, http://hdbizblog.com/blog/welcome-twitter-friends/ – I write about productivity.

Liz Scherer – @LizScherer, http://www.flashfree.wordpress.com/ – Interactive health ad copywriter, news reporter, sometimes journalist, wordsmith interested in reveling in the web, social media and life.

Web Design – need some help with branding or web design?

Sean Hodge – @seanhodge, http://aiburn.com/ – Branding and web design.

Joshua Clanton – @joshuacc, http://www.joshuaclanton.com/blog/ – Web designer, blogger, and aspiring author.

Chris Pearson – @pearsonified, http://www.pearsonified.com/ – If you’re using a WordPress theme that I didn’t build, it’s time to get your head checked

Steve Snell – @stevensnell, http://vandelaydesign.com/blog/ – Web designer, blogger, freelance writer, and founder of traffikd.com.

Easton Ellsworth – @easton, http://www.visionaryblogging.com/about/ – Blog consultant, work-at-home dad, BlogActionDay.org promoter.

CyberPunkDreams – @cyberpunkdreams, http://www.dbpractice.com/ – Lateral thinking… design and other stuff.

ProBlogDesign – @problogdesign, http://www.problogdesign.com/ – Web designer, specializing in blog design. Which I blog about.


Barack Obama – @BarackObama, http://www.barackobama.com/ – Presidential candidate.

The Onion – @theonion, http://www.theonion.com/connect – America’s finest news source.

MC Hammer – @mchammer, http://www.dancejam.com/ – Hammertime….need I say anymore!

Bill Gates @billgates, http://www.microsoft.com/ – Your Potential, Our Passion.

Rick Sanchez – @ricksanchezcnn, http://www.cnn.com/ – Newscaster.

Anderson Cooper @AndersonCooper, http://ac360.com/ – Newscaster

Some good news – – If you make a commitment and choose to connect with at least one person listed above everyday (for 97 days) that’s over three months worth of network diversification. Wow!!

I also encourage you to please add in people below in the comments that you feel would be worth following and if you know of anyone looking to diversify their network let them know that this list is here.

Speak Your Mind