Look it is no surprise that the big butt is currently having its time in the spotlight. Right from pop music to the world’s biggest celebrities, bootylicious is the in thing. It comes as no surprise that women today want to have a derriere that’s worth of flaunting and they’re always on the lookout for ways to get there.

Nowadays, there is a common misconception that if you want a great butt, you will have to start going to the gym. However, that isn’t necessarily true. Some effective butt exercises need no equipment at all. Others require some basic things like a mat or maybe some want you to invest a little. In any case, your butt workouts often need no equipment to be useful. Some home workout videos like the one here https://bigbluetest.org/yoga-burn-review/ are known to be super effective.

Here is a list of the best glute and butt exercises that will help you achieve the backside of your dreams without making you invest in any weights or ancillary equipment

Simple Bodyweight Squat

As the name suggests, this simple bodyweight squat requires nothing more than your own body’s weight. To start, make sure you’re standing with your feet in a position that they are slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Then put your body into the squat position and go all the way down. Make sure that your knees don’t ever go beyond the level of your toes. Ensure that the most weight of your body rests on your heels, all while maintaining your chest up.

Curtsy Lunge With Kick

This movement is a great lower body engaging exercise as it works the muscles in the inner and outer thighs, the obliques, as well as the glutes. To begin, stand up straight and tall with your feet placed at a hip-width distance.

Now, step the left leg diagonally behind the other leg. Bend your knees and lower yourself into the lunge position. Once you are in this position, push through the right heel to stand right back before sweeping the left leg outwards. Repeat instantly to perform a successful curtsy lunge with kicks.

Squat Jack

When it comes to building a great and enviable booty, any exercises that work out the lower body effectively is useful. With squat jacks, you will build more strength, improve speed, agility and even aerobic fitness levels.

These moves help strengthen glute muscles, help you achieve the backside you desire. To begin, stand with your feet joined together and place your hands at your chest. Now jump with your feet out and sit into a smaller version of a squat. Jump back up and return to your original position. Repeat immediately.

Jump Squat

Jump squats and its many variations are extremely well-known for helping you build thick thighs and tone up your butt muscles. This inadvertently helps your butt pop, giving it a fuller appearance. Many celebrities swear by this move for their butt-popping workouts.

Start by placing your feet in a position slightly wider than the width between your hips. Now bend the knees and push your butt back while keeping your chest upright. Jump high up in this position and straighten your legs as you do so. Land back on a softer landing and repeat as required.

Hip Bridge

Hip bridges are a type of glute bridge exercise. They are known to help tremendously when it comes to lowering back pain and strengthening muscles of this area. Additionally, hip bridge exercises can strengthen your core and work on the muscles in your glutes to help you with enhancing your butt. To begin, start by lying flat on yor back. Make sure to have a yoga may handy. Now place your knees bent on the mat and keep your feet at a hip-distance width. Ensure that the heels are a few inches away from your butt. Once you are in this position, lift up your hips, hold for a few seconds, then lower it back to the ground. Repeat as desired.