Escape the Cubicle NOW! Five Tips to Help You Get Started

Do you long to be your own boss? Work from home as a freelancer? Or, perhaps travel the world?

Don’t worry, I toiled away in a cube for many a year working for the man, but still managed to free myself. And you CAN too!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the cube life, but for some reason I found it to be stifling. In fact, at the same time we were looking to purchase our business in the Caribbean I was offered a very good federal job in the states. I even went so far as to go (read: fly) to the interview at largely my own expense.

Obviously, you know the outcome because I am in the Caribbean. However, I must say that the clincher for me, when I really knew I would not take the job, came during the interview process.

While getting the tour around the office they took me by (and specifically pointed out!) what was to be my cubicle and I knew right then and there that there was no way in hell I would take the job.

What about you?

If you are looking to change your life’s course, do NOT let apathy set in. That’s the easy way out! There are no quick fixes, but by following a couple of the steps below you too can free yourself from the cubicle.

Step 1Write Down Your Intentions

As scary as it might be, take the initial first step and write down exactly what it is that you would like to be doing. You don’t have to go into great detail but just get the general idea down on paper.

Also, when you are done write an abbreviated version on a sticky note and place it on the edge of your computer or someplace where you will see it everyday as a reminder.

Step 2Tell Somebody About Your Plans or Objective

Slightly more intimidating than writing out your intentions, telling someone about your plans can be difficult. What if they laugh at you, or tell you you’re fricken insane?

Not everybody believes that you can actually leave a cube (or any job you don’t like) and pursue your passion. Find someone who you trust and is supportive and tell them what you would like to be doing.

Step 3Start Saving

Do you want to leave your cubicle to travel the world or perhaps start a new business? If you are going to quit, as a guideline, I always tried to have enough funds to cover three to six months worth of expenses before leaving a position.

Some folks I recently met in Nicaragua actually had enough savings to be able to live without working for five years. You need to determine your financial comfort zone and strive to save enough so that you feel comfortable.

Step 4 – Take a Trip or Sabbatical

If you are leaving the cubicle because you hope to live overseas my number one piece of advice is to take an extended trip or sabbatical to your desired local. A one-week beach holiday in Jamaica where your every need is catered to is a much different experience than actually living and working there.

Do yourself a favor BEFORE you give your notice at work and take some time to really explore that new city, mountain escape, or island before you start ordering up shipping containers.

Step 5Work Part Time On Your New Venture

Are you going to be the next ProBlogger? Or, perhaps you would like to open a bakery? Again, before you quit your job out of frustration, try doing your desired new activity on a part time basis.

Owning a bakery sounds quite appealing, but getting up at four in the morning might not be that fun. Likewise, the people who blog for real money (i.e. make their living from it) work extremely hard.

If you think you have what it takes then spend a couple of hours every evening blogging for a couple of months first and then say goodbye to your cube.

What now?

The above actions and steps are really meant to take your dream of escaping the cube beyond the thinking stage and help you to get to the next level.

In short, the steps described above will make your plan real and actionable. Once you implement a couple of them I believe that the others will come easily. The difficult part is just identifying and acknowledging that you would like to change.

But, once done, the rest is easy and I wish you the best of luck in your quest!

What other steps would you suggest to help people escape the cube?

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