“A picture is worth a thousand words” they say. Now don’t get me wrong I think pictures are a beautiful means of communication, a way of embedding an image in to your mind and fueling your imagination. But I think people tend to sorely underestimate the power of words. Let’s take for example a beautiful moment in the lives of any couple; the moment they say ‘I Do’ and the veil is lifted.

A beautiful capture in the form of a photograph with the bride’s flowing white gown, the smile of the groom and the sparkle in his eyes as he reaches out to her and lifts her veil as if seeing her for the first time and the glow of joy on her face as she knows her new life has begun. It truly is a wondrous photographic moment. However, from the moment it reaches the internet, this beautiful picture will be lost forever in the clutter and the masses never to be found again.

Yes, it hurts to imagine such a photograph going unnoticed. Luckily for us this 21st century has blessed us with many things and the ability to use words to spread your message, grab attention and talk to the world are some of them. Words are the distinct feature of every picture, website, article, post and person. Words may be the same but the combination of them and the imagery they paint in a person’s mind can never match exactly. A smart photo entrepreneur will know to capitalize on this and I’m here to show you exactly how. The following post is a review for Great Paddle boards for Juniors where you can see the best uses of blog to make sales.

Keywords are Important

With all the clutter of photographs and content online, keywords can be the key to helping your audience find your pictures. Blogs on certain topics contain keywords relevant to the content and your photographs. For example, I were to search “married”, “lifting veil”, “happy memories”, and “ceremony” the search engine would absorb the words I fed it and in return give me a list of blogs that used those particular keywords.

This would ensure that the audience visiting the blog and viewing the pictures wasn’t just passing through but was particularly interested in the subject and photographs. On the other hand Search Engines adore keywords and are sure to keep your blog popping up again and again over the years whenever the search is made. The

good thing about blogs is that when a post dies out, it still lives on in the memory of the search engine. In fact some bloggers claim 70% of their views and interaction with audience comes from blog posts that are no longer in the spotlight at the front. In the long term, although they’ve faded to the background the fact is the more viewership the blog posts get over time the higher they rise on the search engine food chain and the more they recur in audience search results.

Accelerate Publicity

Have you ever played a game of Chinese whisper? Yes the mystical digital world of today works in similar ways. News travels fast from one corner to another in the ultimate global grapevine. If you like something you read you can simple share it with hundreds of your friends who are likely to have similar areas of interest with just the click of a button. Most blogs nowadays possess engaging content for their audience that propels them to share their learning.

A simple share button is added to each blog that encourages social media shares and increases the talkability of your blog and photographs.

Picture this: You post a blog today that gets 50 views out of which 15 decide to share it with their friends and acquaintances on social media. Tomorrow the post of those 15 people will have resulted in a further 10 views which will then move so on and so on in a cycle. The word of mouth is to date the most powerful tool of marketing sales. The recommendation of the engaging content of your blog post to any one of their friends will hold a greater impact than all your personal selling tactics ever could.

Lead Generation

Now at this point you’re probably thinking “Yes, it’s great my photographs are getting all this publicity and viewership…but at the end of the day if I can’t sell them it completely defeats the purpose!” Blogging isn’t all talk and no action. Blog content is meant to immediately hook and engage your audience.

The longer your audience stays on your blog and goes through it without clicking forward to another link, the longer you have to influence their mind and thinking process. The technique is to then convert this traffic and avid audience in to leads by strategically placing call-to-actions weaved in to the content of the blog. Smart content integration is critical. You don’t want your blog to sound like a sales advert but you simply want to draw your audience’s attention to the photographs present, their uniqueness and the fact that they are indeed available for sale.

The plus point of using blogs to ‘speak’ to your audience rather than push information on to them via annoying and intrusive email messages or pop up advertisements that no one really pays attention to; is simply that people tend to ‘listen’.

From the moment a reader clicks on the link to your blog he makes a conscious decision to permit you to share your information with him so that he may learn from what he reads.

Psychology tends to lead people to perceive bloggers as the ‘authority’ on a certain topic. For people bloggers are more credible sources of information as they appear more ‘real’ to their readers than paid content. A smart photo entrepreneur would capitalize on this built in trust factor.

A Stepping Stone to your Ultimate Gallery

The best part about a blog is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be the final destination of your potential customer. It could simply act as a direction that ultimately drives him to your website and the location of your entire photograph collection. Often blogs are hyperlinked and contain buttons that divert traffic on to your own website exposing your reader to a wider range of topics and themes to choose from and likely chance to gain his recommendation of your photographs to others.

A blog can also be used to gather audience information via call-to-action given such as filling out of a form etc that can then be permissively used to send sample photographs to your audience if they find themselves interested.

The Takeaway

It’s important to remember that in today’s world digital communication is a vital part of the lives of the target audience of most customers and the world of marketing and sales. A blog is an excellent way to communicate to your audience in a way that they will not only be willing to hear; but to remember, spread, and engage again. If you can build a blog so captivating that your audience returns to it to absorb information and believes you to be an expert on the topic of the photography industry then you are bound to generate leads and perhaps even influence the photography industry.