Wondering how to march right into the world of internet and live off of it? Well, isn’t that what we all think about in this era of smart world and digitalization? You constantly tap your fingers on the keyboard of your laptop while you marvel at the various blogs and bloggers that inspire you and attract you with their top of the game content. You’d be lying if you tell us that it doesn’t excite you. So, how exactly can you make money online? Isn’t that what you are confused about? Don’t you worry.

Blogging is in. Blogging is in trend. And blogging is what you should really seek to.

How? Well, let us cut to the chase and tell you how to start a blog and make oodles out of it!

1. Niche! Get into my head!

Alright, so here’s the deal. Before you begin on this beautiful journey all you have got to do is decide what exactly your blog is going to be about. Select the niche that runs parallelly with what the audience wants or loves. Let us put a brutal truth on your face right now and get done with it right away. Your passion will not make you money. You might be passionate about flowers and the world might not give a damn about it. Who’ll even read your blog!

Make it a point to research well about the niches that are in competition in the market.

2. Content is the king

Moving on, there’s one thing that you should know. You can’t really go forward without your content being supreme and attractive. Always remember that your content is the king. It will take you places you dreamt of. Design your content in a way that is relatable and in par with the trend. Write exclusively about topics that are in rage. It has to be the best in the market, so much so that people would want to read it and nothing else. https://www.snurl.com is a good example of variety of content used.

3. SEO or Social Media?

Well, here’s something for you to decide – post extensive research. If your content is more relatable to family and friends on social media platforms like Facebook, publish in the same.

Furthermore, if your content talks about things that the world often searches for on google, sought to Search Engine Optimization and see the wonders working their charm a few months or years later. Be consistent. That’s the key.

4. Affiliation for the win!

Make way for affiliate marketing to earn some extra commission for the sold products. Also, consider this as research for what your audience usually buys and convert it into your self-made product to start up a nice business. Extra money never hurt anyone, now did it? Consider affiliate marketing a step up in the marketing of your blog. Snurl will let you know how easily this can be done.

5. Viable funnel to the rescue

Further, conduct a sort of a test that tells you where you’ll stand with your product before it is even launched or created. Sounds absurd? Well, create a minimal funnel and urge people to register for the same. If the response looks positive and people like the ads and the funnel, go ahead with the production. If it is negative, you can always refund the registration amount. At least you’ll be clear about where you stand. Planning and precaution are the keys.

These are a few ways that we along suggest you to make some money online and we hope that they prove beneficial to you in the long run. Keep blogging, keep bringing about a change.