Inside the Mind of the Intuitive Blogger

If you’ve ever wondered what makes the top 100 bloggers so darn good, consider the mind of the intuitive blogger. Whereas the first bloggers simply produced content and hoped for the best, but today master bloggers are part author, entrepreneur, and community organizer.

What is the glue that keeps all facets of his success working together? Intuition, pure and simple.

An intuitive blogger knows when to blog and which content to cover. Oh and by the way, he knows when to publish and when to hit the pause button on a post that still needs time to percolate.

Here are some of the know-hows behind intuitive blogging:

Know how to capture your ideas:

Intuitive bloggers are always on the lookout for new ideas. You never know when a great idea will hit you so be prepared.

This may mean that you keep your Blackberry at your side at all times or a 99 cent notepad in your pocket. A voice recorder might also do the trick. My rule of thumb: if you think it, ink it.

Even if your idea doesn’t make it to press, you’re at least getting it out of your head and onto the page. For online users, apps like Google Docs provide a great drafting module for your ideas.

Know when to challenge your audience:

ZenHabits blogger Leo Babauta is great at interacting with his audience, asking for their tips and stories of success. He also times his challenges so that they aren?t too often, nor are they offensive.

Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist challenges in another way: by sharing the details of her truly unique life story. Whatever your method of challenging your audience, intuit the when and how of your blogging in this regard.

Know how to expand your writer’s network:

There is a fine line between producing content that you can call your own and expanding your network to include other writers. I saw an opportunity a few months back to include several gifted writers in my blog and it’s been a great way to broaden reader base and give me an occasional break.

Know how to generate a series:

Whether it’s a series on getting your inbox to zero or decluttering the home, an intuitive blogger knows that a good string of posts produces return visitors.

Know when to take a break:

Intuition knows when the well has run dry and it’s time to take a break. As long as your readers know the when and why of your break, they’ll respect your decision and you’ll return with new energy and ideas.

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