Grow Your Traffic: Turn New Visitors Into Loyal Readers

grow your traffic

Photography by Nika What’s the difference between a one-time visitor and a loyal reader who visits your site daily for a year? Around 364 unique hits. You’d be lucky if a link from an A-list blog sent that much targeted traffic your way. The good news is that turning a first-time visitor into a loyal […]

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Third Month: Building Your Snowball Effect

snowball effect

Photography by redjar This post represents the third stage in the 3 Month Growth Plan. I’d suggest getting an overview of the first stage and second stage before you tackle it. The third month roughly applies to sites with 300+ daily visitors and 200+ subscribers. I think these strategies still apply very strongly to this […]

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Second Month: Building A Springboard

2nd month of blogging

Photography by Francois Schnell Once you’ve read and digested the growth outline in The First Month: Building Something For Nothing, this article represents the next step. It aims to be a plan of action for sites with a more established and regular readership: 200 — 300 visitors per day on average, or under 200 subscribers. […]

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First Month: Building Something From Nothing

first month of blogging

Photography by Daniel Morris These tips apply to any blog or website with modest traffic levels (0 — 200 per day) and under 100 subscribers. If this doesn’t apply to your site, you might consider familiarizing yourself with these growth tips so they can be utilized if you embark on a new project in future. […]

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What I’ve Learned About Social Media Success (Whiteboard)

social media success

A few days ago you might have noticed that this blog’s uptime was a little patchy. This was because a post I wrote — 110+ Resources for Creative Minds — appeared on the front page of Digg and became popular on and StumbleUpon. I created the post specifically with social media in mind, primarily as […]

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