How to Find Your Hidden Talents

finding your talents

Photo by vramak In the past hidden talents have commonly been defined as things you are great at but nobody knows about, or things that you would be immediately great at if you tried them, skipping beginner and progressing to intermediate in an instant. The first definition is useful mainly in movies, the latter is […]

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Getting Better at Bad: Why Practice Doesn’t (Always) Make Perfect

being perfect

Photo by fabbiovenni “Practice makes perfect.” – Unknown Or does it? We’re told that with thousands of hours of ‘deliberate’ practice, meaning practicing the same thing repeatedly, we can become experts. Well, tell that to my old soccer team. I was new to soccer and especially bad at it, but some of the players on […]

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How to Create and Publish Your Own eBook With a $0 Budget

publishing your own eBook

Antique Printing Press by DaddyNewt eBooks are books or pamphlets in a digital format. They’re a unique form of web content because they’re inherently portable. An eBook can be shared and spread far beyond your web presence. There are a number of ways bloggers, webmasters or any web user can leverage an eBook to achieve […]

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Like it or Not, You’re a Marketer

All Marketers Are Liars

From the cover of All Marketers Are Liars by Seth Godin If you run a blog or website you can learn a lot from the world’s marketing mavericks. Even if you’re not making any money (or intending to). You can unlock these lessons by making a mental switch. Blog or website = product. You = […]

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Transforming Your Blog Into Really Big Business

blog into a business

Photo by wannes deprez The idea of blogging as a source of passive income has always seemed a little off to me (and others). In fact, I’d suggest that most bloggers earning significant money from blogging devote as much time to it as a part-time or full-time job. That’s not as close as we can […]

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