Six Impossible Things You Can Do to Improve Your Blog

How many impossible things did you do last week? None? If so, it’s about time to raise the bar.

This week, I’m proposing to you, six impossible things that will make your blog more interesting, more appealing, or just that little important bit more popular.

But how do you do impossible things?

You can’t. If something really is impossible, then by definition, it is:

  1. not possible; unable to be, exist, happen, etc.
  2. unable to be done, performed, effected, etc.: an impossible assignment.

The trick is to know the impossible things from ones that just seem impossible:

  1. Landing to the moon? Impossible.
  2. Curing Polio? Impossible.
  3. Driving a car without a horse? Impossible.
  4. Sailing to India? Impossible.
  5. The Internet? Impossible.

You get the picture.

Most of the big inventions were considered impossible long before anyone dared to try them out. But history shows that the doubters (most of the human kind) were wrong. Those things weren’t really impossible – just hard to imagine.

That’s the loophole we are going to exploit today.

Getting Started With Doing Impossible Things

I will give you six ideas as examples to start with, but the real lesson is more profound.

What I really want to show you is that it’s possible to learn a new way of looking at things: one that sees beyond the man-made limits we have set on our imagination.

Let me ask you this:

If everything was possible, what would you do to improve your blog?

Mark all of your answers down. No matter how impossible they seem. No censorship allowed.

Then take a look at your list and go through each of the impossible ideas one by one asking yourself why you think the item on your list is impossible.

What needs to change for it to become possible? What would you lose by trying it out?

If it becomes clear that the price for trying to achieve the impossible thing is too high, leave the idea aside. Otherwise, make no excuses, just implement it.

Doing impossible things feels great, you know?

The Six Impossible Ideas

I promised six impossible ideas. And when you promise something, you need to do it – no matter how impossible it is.

So, here you go. Six impossible things you can do to improve your blog.

1. Interview a celebrity:

Pick one who fits your topic and who your readers are familiar with, but make sure to aim high. After all, I don’t think anyone considers interviewing Leo Babauta or Skellie impossible.

But how about getting an interview from Steve Jobs or the other Steve from Microsoft? Impossible. (Which to us means “go for it!”)

2. Organize a competition with prizes worth thousands of dollars:

Last September, a blogger I was following at that time, DevDad, organized a competition with a new Apple iMac as the prize.

I was astonished: how can this 22-year stay at home dad afford to do something like this? Impossible. Well, as you see, it really is quite possible, so your mission is to top this – how about a Ferrari this time?

3. Do something impossible, then tell about it on your blog:

My current number one goal is to implement a 4-hour workweek to have more time for my family. Most people will tell me that it’s impossible and I shouldn’t even think of doing something like that.

I know it won’t be easy – but I also know that if I manage to do it, it will have two big effects on my blog: First, I will have something important to share with my readers.

And second, I will have much more time available for blogging. Both great reasons for challenging the impossible.

4. Make your blog appear in the evening news:

In the world of advertisement, TV is usually the most appreciated, and expensive of the alternatives. But you can still buy it with money.

To make things more impossible, I’m asking you to get your air time without paying for it – as a feature spot in the evening news. Scott Ginsberg did it by being the luckiest person he knows. What’s your approach?

5. Build your blog to outlive yourself:

Lately many of my favorite blogs have announced their first birthdays. In Internet years that’s a huge accomplishment, but it’s still stunning that one year is all it takes to develop a Technorati top 2500 blog like FreelanceSwitch.

But can you imagine a blog announcing its 50th, or 100th birthday? Impossible. And thus a worthy goal!

6. Make an impossible promise and deliver on it:

This post started out as nothing more than an interesting headline. I thought it would be interesting to read a post about impossible ideas that you can implement.

So, I wrote the headline and decided that this will be my next post for NORTHxEAST. You’re reading it now: Writing an impossible post wasn’t impossible after all.

Now, get to work and be prepared to give me a different answer the next time I come to you and ask: “How many impossible things did you do last week?”

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