There is no doubt that if you follow a career that you love and you are passionate about, you will end up making the best out of it. It will not only give you money and fame but also give you satisfaction and happiness. Now the Question arises is what are the hobbies that can be turned up as a good carer option? well, there are various hobbies that can be turned up as a good career and one such hobby is BLOGGING. Yes, you heard right, if you are fond of writing or you just know what blogging is, you can turn it as a career option and can earn money from it.

Blogging is nothing but a way of writing your thoughts and ideas to share it with the world in an interesting and creative manner. It gives you a medium to communicate with the world and express your views over a articular topic. For instance, you watched a movie and you just have a opinion about it and you want to share it with the world, all you need is to write your opinion on any social media channel or at any readable corner, it will become a blog. Blogging can be a hobby of yours, or it can be stated in your resume which could help you to find a suitable job. So are you the one who want to share their opinions and views with the world? Are you the one who knows some innovative and creative ideas to attract the attention of the audience by the writing skills? if the answers of these questions is yes, than blogging is the perfect career option for you. There are various ways which can help you to turn your hobby of blogging into a job. But the first and the foremost one is to make a blog or you can say build up a blogging website where you can share your write ups or blogs. Do this first step wisely and here I am enclosing the further steps that you need to follow to become a professional blogger:


There are various people around the world who loves writing but the only problem that goes with them is they do not know that what are the topics or genre they are good at. Well it is good if you are just writing, it could be a start but then if you are on the pathway to turn your passion into a job, you really need to know your writing genre and niche. It could be anything like, Travel blogging, Food blogging, Fashion blogging etc. but there should be one or two specific areas where you think nobody can beat you. and once you are aware about your strengths, you can further use it as a tool for leading towards success.


It is good that you have now started a blog and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you also need to be regular with your work to engage the people in your writings for a long term. If you are writing now and than take up a long gap say for even a week, your readers will get disappointed and you will lose your fame. To engage the audience, you need to be regular and consistent with your work. This will help you to get enough readers and you can move forward towards success.

3. Enhance your skills

Writing only is not just enough to give your blog a distinct look. You really need to work hard to make your blog more presentable and attractive. You need to diversify your skills to engage the attention of audience. You can try various different layouts, you can use special indents and features, add up few images and HD work, increase your skills of writing etc. all this will make your blog ore engaging and authentic.

so now that you are aware of your skills and interests, strengths and weaknesses, you can easily build up a job out of your blogging hobby. so start well and get recognized in the crowd of bloggers as well as in the surroundings of readers.