If you’re a good writer that wants to start a blog, it may be a little tough to come to a decision on what you should start writing about.

We’ll give you some of the best blog ideas out there, that are both important and drive a lot of traffic.

Find what inspires you the most and what you feel like you can spend hours on end writing about, and then start your journey.

A food blog

A food blog is generally a little harder to make money through as the audience usually are looking for recipes like ones for desserts or main meals or even comfort food.

So your best bet is to build a large audience and use ads to supply your business with the needed financing.

A how to make money blog

This one is the elephant in the room, really.

People usually create blogs with making money in their mind, so you’re combining the means and the end in one thing.

It’s pretty easy to make money with this kind of blog if you can prove that you’re making a lot of it yourself.

The best approach is to go through it like as though it’s a journey. This means you should note down all the methods that are working for you and the ones that aren’t.

This way, people can actually put their trust in you and see that you know what you’re doing (and what you shouldn’t be doing), and you give yourself credibility.

A personal finance blog

You can easily categorize this one as a “how to make money” blog, but it depends on the approach of the blog itself.

Some personal finance blogs give you tips and tricks on how to save money through thrifty ways of living while others give you advice on making money by investing or doing side jobs (what they call side hustles).

A health and fitness blog

This niche is a pretty tricky one. You have a high chance of getting a lot of traffic, but it may be a little harder to make money through it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The best way to utilize these kinds of blog is through affiliate marketing. This is the perfect method because your audience will probably be looking for machines, equipment, and accessories for their fitness journey.

Recommending a treadmill, advertising a fitness tracker or even a heat-preserving water bottle that kept your water cool throughout the training session are all ways that you can make money through linking the buyer to a website like Amazon or Bestbuy or any similar website.

A fashion and beauty blog

This one is the best bet for making money. Why? Simply, because you’ll be able to advertise products and you also get invited to super cool events!

It’s quite hard, however. Unlike most other blogging topics, you can’t just rely on well-written content. Beauty and fashion require an energetic personality and an ability to get yourself out there.

You might also need to rely on visual platforms like YouTube and Instagram to showcase the effectiveness of the products you recommend.

Personal development

This one is also one of the tricky blogs as it doesn’t target a specific problem, and therefore there isn’t a specific audience.

There’s a wide variety of ways that you can help a person develop. This includes overcoming procrastination or beating depression.

With these kinds of blogs, you have to have a specific plan. And if it’s something you’ve tried out for real, there’s a better chance you’ll reach more people.

A lifestyle blog

It’s almost impossible to describe this kind of blog because of how broad it is.

You can give gardening tips, survival in the wild, outdoor or home decor, travel, and organization.

Usually, the best way to make money from these blogs is through ads or printable.

However, make sure you don’t commit the deadly sin of writing about anything. When you’re writing in a lifestyle blog, make sure that you’re solving a problem that a lot of people face.

This includes things like how to keep a house organized or how to build a habit effectively. You can also use very specific topics like irrational passions such as bullet journals.

There really is no in-between with this kind of blog.

Final thoughts

Anyone can start a blog. Someone who has a passion has a head start.

And someone who is talented at writing also has a head start. Combine both things, and you’ll get a genuine blog that people will love and that will get a lot of views and engagement.

It doesn’t have to be something big, you just have to have a good deal of knowledge about the topic and a good way of conveying the message.