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19 Blog Designs that are a Sight for Sore Eyes

19 Blog Designs that are a Sight for Sore Eyes

Despite the fact that blog themes abound all over the web, strangely blog design on the whole isn’t exactly the pinnacle of aesthetics. So it’s nice to come across blogs that are slick, sharp and sound in their design, that are high on visual goodness and low on eye-jarring nastiness.

Here for your viewing pleasure are 19 of the best and brightest in blog design from across the web.

1. WebRevolutionary

2. Mark Bixby

3. ErraticWisdom

4. Elixir

5. Svenigson

6. CircleSixDesign

7. TheBigNoob

8. HtmlLife

9. Webzapisnik

10. BlogMinistry

11. Chocol8blog

12. Bartelme

13. Backword

14. YoungGoGetter

15. Jen Gordon

16. 31Three

17. Booloob

18. M1k3

19. QuickSprout

So there’s my favourites, if you know of any amazing designs, link’em in the comments!

Liam Cavanagh

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