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Bloggers Unite to Help the Environment

Bloggers Unite to Help the Environment – We Need You!

For the past few weeks Leo and I have been working on a project to get bloggers together for a cause. Today we launched.

Blog Action Day is based on the premise that if every blog posted on the same issue on the same day we could effectively change the conversation on the web that day.

So we’re asking bloggers – i.e. you! – to register their blogs to participate. All you have to do to be a part of the initiative is post on October 15th a post that relates to the environment. It can be to do with your usual topic or totally just about an environmental issue. So for example on NorthxEast I’m planning on doing a write up about the best environmental blogs around so that it fits the usual subject of the site.

We’ve been busy marketing the idea so that we’d have some momentum prior to launch, and so far there are some top 100 blogs already participating as well as a ton of my favourite blogs who’ve committed too!

So head over to the site and Get Involved!, we need as many bloggers to get on board as possible, big and small. There’s plenty of information on the site as well as details on how you can help in other ways.

Liam Cavanagh

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