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If I Could Only Read 5 blogs

If I Could Only Read 5 blogs has started a little meme called “If I Could Only Read 5 Blogs”, and since I love a good meme, here are the 5 blogs I would read:
TechCrunch was the very first blog I ever read regularly and to this day I keep going back because its just so damn useful. As someone who runs a small startup it is always interesting to hear what other startups are doing. Plus I have never visited that site and not had something interesting to read.
I have quite a few favourite blogs about blogging like, but I must admit that ProBlogger is still the one I go back to time and time again, and certanly I devoured the archives when I first started blogging.
I really admire SmashingMagazine for really defining a format in blogging. Their uber-list style continually brings in huge numbers of people as well as plenty of bookmarks and digg visits. Emulating their style is quickly becoming commonplace on sites like and the like.
If TechCrunch was the first blog I read regularly, JohnChow was the second. Although a much more mixed bag of posts, he consistently posts things I find interesting and more importantly I just like the guy. He’s open and honest, really seems to get community in blogs and donates to charity.
How could I not read a blog I write for :-)

Thanks Paper for the tag. And in true blog meme fashion, I tag Dan Florio and Hannes to carry on the meme

Liam Cavanagh

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